Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It started with the Suzani! Really, you'll want to know what it is...

I haven't been doing this crafty thing too long, but I have been sharing some of my creations (coupla flowers and a sash) with a woman who designs AWESOME ribbon and textiles...and she blogged me! You can see her comments at . I first found her ribbon when I was searching for something with a Suzani print. I am really interested in eastern embroidery.

Here's the amazing thing about Suzani textiles: they have been produced by tradition for centuries in Uzbekistan (remember Borat?) When a girl is born in this central Asian region, work immediately begins on around four elaborate cotton, wool, or silk tapestries that will become part of her dowry when she marries. Sadly, these incredibly colorful and intricate and HUGE antique fabrics can be purchased all over Ebay for a song. I'm sure it's an indication of the need of the people in that impoverished land. Want to learn more about Suzani? Check out Knitting Letters A-Z at

Anyhow, this gave me a real lift. Check out ribbon from Laura at or visit her Etsy at Have a great day, and check out other Suzanis to see the incredible range of work and color.


  1. thanks for the link! Your flowers and sash are so exuberant!

  2. hi....I've never read a blog before that is how antiquated I am at this! It is 3:30 in the morning but it is ok because I teach school and I'm off for the summer....whew!

    I love your blogs but I must admit I didn't come across your name by accident...You see...a young woman reached out to me when I was in great need...a woman named Leslie Hunt. She was starting a hotline for those with postpartum depression.

    I have lost track of the Leslie Hunt who helped me, but I won't ever forget her kindness and acceptance of me just as I was.

    I use to teach Sp. Ed. but after staying home with my kids and teaching at their preschool (which had a great art program) I went back and got my art certification. I now teach art k-5th. It is sooo fun! So...even if you are not MY Leslie Hunt, I am really enjoying your beautiful art and point of view.

    Jennifer Tulk